Confirm Email Notification is setup and recipient is included
  1. Log in to NetCommunity
  2. Navigate to Email>Notifications
  3. Click the Pencil icon to edit the notification in question and confirm the following:
    • Under General: The "Enabled" box is marked
    • Under Recipients: The email address or user is specified. Note: if you are utilizing roles or users instead of email address, you may need to update the email address associated with the user
    • Under Parts: The part which generates the notification is marked
  4. If changes are made, click Save
For Common, Online Admission or Online Reenrollment Forms
Details steps on creating email notifications for common, online admission, or online reenrollment form
  1. Log in to NetCommunity
  2. Navigate to Site Explorer>Forms
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the form in question
  4. Click the Submit Settings tab and confirm the following:
  5. If changes are made, click Save
Invalid Accounts
If the notification email has been setup correctly and you are still not receiving emails, check to make sure the email addresse(s) used to receive notifications are not listed under Invalid Accounts.

If the above points are confirmed and the recipient is still not receiving notification emails, this typically indicates the recipient's email server is blocking the notifications. In this case, consult with your IT department and request the outgoing IP addresses for NetCommunity be Whitelisted in order to successfully receive all mailings from NetCommunity.

If you are intermittently receiving notification emails.