We can give those administrators access to run reports, but there are some other areas that we must give them access to as well. For example, transaction reports typically contain constituent data, so we would need to give them permissions to view non-sensitive constituent data.
  1. First create an administrator group if you haven't already
  2. Edit your administrator group and select the Group Permissions tab
  3. Select Contact Management from the dropdown menu and click Choose
  4. The minimum permission that you'll need is "View Non-sensitive Contact Data"
  5. Click Save
    • Note: If you only want the administrators to see contacts and transactions in a specific security category (aka chapter, or center), then you'll want to configure a group override instead of setting the default permission. Click "Add an override" near the bottom of the page. This will open a popup where you can choose the security category and permission level.
Repeat steps 2 through 5 but replace Contact Management with the permission types and permission levels below:
  • Donation Form Management > View Campaign Reports
  • Report Writer > Design Report Definitions
  • Transaction Management > View Transactions