Output is not complete when user options are set to automatically add criteria to output

In User Options, users can set query to automatically add query criteria to output. This should include all of the criteria automatically on the output tab. When including more than one phone field in the criteria, not all phone fields are automatically included on the output tab.
Query will only output a field under each node once automatically. If one field is repeated multiple times, then users will need to follow the instructions below to have all fields in the output.

1. Open the query
2. Select the Output tab
3. Highlight the missing field(s)
4. Click Select

Steps to Duplicate

1. In the Raiser's Edge, select Tools > User Options
2. On the Query tab, highlight Advanced
3. Mark to Automatically add criteria fields as output fields
4. Click Apply, then OK
5. Select Query
6. Click New Query (This can be set to Constituent and Dynamic)
7. Click OK
8. On the Criteria tab, include more than one phone field (Example: Phone type equals Cell OR Phone type equals Home)
9. Select the Output tab
Note: only the first phone field is included on the output


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