When adding France to the Countries table, incorrect fields are required

You may notice that when adding France to the Countries Table in Altru, the Address Format is incorrect. State field is required, even though France does not require the address field "state."
  1. From Administration, click Countries and States.
  2. On the Countries tab, highlight France, and click Edit.
  3. In the Address format dropdown, select United Kingdom.
  4. Click Save.
The United Kingdom Address Format will not require state.

Steps to Duplicate

1. From Administration, click on Countries and States.
2. From Address Formats tab, add France. 
3. Notice that Department is not an option.
4. Next, add France to the Countries tab and use the '"France" as the address format. 
5. Open a webform (any web form). When prompted to enter an address, choose France as the country.
6. Notice that Province or State field is a required field. 


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