Why are my grant payments not showing up in Donor Central?

I know my payments on these grants were this year.  Why aren't they showing up in the donor central listing?
There are two options that determine the fiscal year associated with a grant payment.
  • One option is the Based Fiscal Year on option with either a fiscal or calendar year choice.  
  • The other related option is the Paid Fiscal Year option with a check date vs. grant date option

If the Paid Grants Fiscal Year option is set to be the grant date, then the payments will be displayed when the screen selection points to the period associated with the grant, not the actual payment.  The default value is check date.

These options can be found in Tools > System Utilities > Donor Central  > Donor Central Options.

Please see the attached document for further discussion and screenshots of the option.
  The payment year field in DC .docx

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