Ending Balances on Query do not match Ending Balances on Project Record

Ending Balances on Project Query does not match Ending Balances on Activity tab of Project Record when filtering query by account category.  

To view balance information for Revenue and Expense in a Query, choose the output of Summary > Net Activity, rather than Ending Balance.  Ending Balance information in a query should be used for Balance Sheet accounts, while Net Activity should be used for Income Statement accounts.

Steps to Duplicate

1) In GL > Query > Open Project Query 
2) Select Output: Ending Balance 1 : Category equals Revenue  
and Ending Balance 2: Category equals Revenue 
3) Results: Revenue shows 3,000 and Expense shows 3,000 
4) Open Project Record > Activity > Note Revenue shows 1,500 and Expense shows 3,000
*Note: When you drill down on the activity for Revenue total shows 1,500  


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