Debit memos can be applied either during creation or afterwards to vouchers.  Usually you learn of a credit on your account and then days or months later incur a new charge to be paid.

In this scenario you would create an unapplied debit memo and post it when the credit is issued from the vendor.  See How do I create a debit memo? for information on creating the debit memo.

Once the debit is created and posted it will remain on the open items tab until needed.

When the new expense is incurred and the invoice received, record the voucher normally.  Typically you say no to the there is an unapplied debit memo do you wish to apply it message.  It is better to apply it after you have posted the voucher.

Once the voucher is posted:
  1. Click on File Maintenance > Apply Debit Memos
  2. Search for the debit memo by clicking the search button.
  3. Select the appropriate vendor and debit
  4. The available vouchers to be offset will display in the window below
  5. Either click distribute or enter an amount to apply.
  6. When done, click apply.
  7. If you have one debit memo and multiple vouchers, you can apply all of the debit memo to one or more of the vouchers at one time.
  8. You will get a report after clicking Apply that provides details.  Nothing is impacted in the GL.