Constituent Profile report shows -1 for likelihood values

When running the Constituent Profile report the values for all of the likelihood categories in the prospect summary section show -1 whether or not there are Model Scores in the Model Scores tab of the Wealth and Ratings section of the constituent record. The likelihood categories are the following:

Planned gift likelihood
Annual Gift likelihood
Annuity likelihood
Bequest likelihood
CRT likelihood

This a result of the likelihood values not being present for these records in the system which is why they appear as -1.  To resolve users need to set these values which can be done in one of the following methods:

There are 2 batches that can be used to set these values in CRM.

Model Scores and Ratings Batch - This does not update Online or Membership Likelihood
Model Scores and Ratings Batch Update - This will allow users to update existing records with Online and Membership fields

Steps to Duplicate

1. Run the Constituent profile report for a constituent either with or without Model Scores on the tab of the Wealth and Ratings section of the constituent's record.

The Constituent profile report can be accessed two ways; from the constituent record or from Analysis\Constituent Reports\Constituent Profile:

    a. While on the constituent's record, on the left under reports you will see the Constituent Profile report. When the report parameters screen opens in addition to the checkbox that are already checked, also check the Prospect management information checkbox so that the Prospect Summary section will appear in the report.

   b. Click View report.
   c. Notice that all of the likelihood categories listed above in the description area show -1


 Blackbaud CRM
 4.0.141 Service Pack 3

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