Error: no data available when running Membership Renewal report for this month

When running the Membership Renewal Report for the current month for a membership program users receive Error: No data available even though there are memberships expiring that month.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.


Steps to Duplicate

1. From Memberships select the Membership Renewal report.
2. Set the date to this month and click view report. (occurs for each membership program)
3. Error: No data available.
4. Go to Analysis.
5. Select Information Library.
6. Click add an ad-hoc query.
7. Highlight Memberships and click OK.
8. Drag expiration date from select membership fields to include records where.
9. In the apply criteria window set this equal to this month and click OK.
10. Drag expiration date to results fields to display.
11. Add Members\constituents\name and Memberships Program\Name to results fields to display. 
12. Preview results to see what constituents have memberships expiring this month.


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