While Blackbaud endeavors to provide the most accurate results possible, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. The DeceasedRecordFinder data comes primarily from the Social Security Death benefits database, which may or may not contain data on titles or suffixes (e.g., Jr. and III).

In The Raiser's Edge, DeceasedRecordFinder DOES NOT mark the deceased check box on the BIO 1 Tab. A deceased attribute is added to the attributes tab on the constituent's record. It is important to confirm the data is correct before marking records as Deceased through a global change.

In Blackbaud CRM, this varies based on how the CRM administrator has configured the Manage Life Changes settings.  In Administration, your system administrator can configure the Manage Life Changes settings to allow users to update information about constituents. If your administrator enables these options for deceased constituents, Review deceased appears on the action bar under Step 3 on the DeceasedRecordFinder process page. For
information about how to configure the life changes settings, see the Constituents Guide beginning on Page 32.