Merging records where the source is the primary member of a household results in two primary members of HH in the constituenthousehold table

After merging two records where the source record is the primary member of a household, you may notice that both records still show in the constituenthousehold table and both have a value of 1 for ISPRIMARYMEMBER.  The value of 1 shows that the record is the Primary member of a household.  
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.  

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Log-in to 4.0
2.  Go to Constituents and Add a household with two members (For this example we will refer to them as A and B - A is the primary household member)
3.  Go to Constituents and Add an individual.  (For this example we will refer to this constituent as C)
4.  Get the GUIDS for the above constituent records.  
5.  Go to Constituents, Duplicates, Merge Two Constituents.
Source Constituent:  record A
Target Constituent:  record C
Merge Configuration:  any
Mark source constituent inactive
Inactive reason:  any
6.  Merge your records.  
7.  Run the SQL script below for record A and C after your merge where GUID is the guid for that constituent record. 

select * from constituenthousehold 
where id = 'GUID'

*** Notice that both records are stored in this table and each have a value of 1 for ISPRIMARYMEMBER. 


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