How to Link a constituent in Raisers Edge when they are already linked in Education edge and integration is not enabled

In certain situations an organization may have to break a Parent link between Raisers Edge and NetCommunity to link to a different constituent record.  However the parent may also be linked to The Education Edge, and integration between The Raisers Edge and The Education Edge is not enabled.
  1.  Log into NetCommunity and navigate to users and security locate the parent and break the link between NetCommunity and Raisers Edge.
  2. Break the link between NetCommunity and The Education Edge
  3. Delete the parent that you are wanting to re-link to Raisers Edge
  4. Locate the deleted parent in NetCommunity by searching the Deleted Users
  5. Select the Link that says "undelete and generate a sign-up transaction"
  6. Run Add users utility in The Education Edge and link the Parent (How to add users into Blackbaud NetCommunity from The Education Edge using the Add Users Utility)
  7. Process signup request in Raisers Edge and link to correct record


 Blackbaud NetCommunity

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