Step 1: Create a Selection of Revenue
First, we will need to define what revenue we need to see in our report. 
  1. To create your query, go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Click Ad an ad-hoc query
  3. Select the source view of Revenue 
  4. Next, we need to decide what revenue will be included in our report. Here are a few ideas: 
    1. Filter by date: Drag Date from the middle column into Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to, or between the desired date range. 
    2. Filter by Application (Donation, Pledge, Membership, etc.): In the left column, highlight Application Details. In the middle column, drag Application into Include Records Where. Set this to be one of or equal to the application you are looking for. For more information about applications and transaction types,review What query filters should I use to find contributed revenue?
    3. Filter by Designation: If you're only looking for revenue in a certain designation, in the left column highlight Application Details. In the middle column, drag Designation system record ID to Include Records Where and set this to be equal to or one of the designations you are looking for. 
  5. After you have added your filters, go to the Set Save Options Tab. Note: It is not necessary to output anything in Results Fields to Display since we're using an export process.
  6. Name your query and check the box to Create a selection.
  7. Click Save and close. 

Step 2: Create an Export Definition: 
Next, we will need to create an export definition to output constituency and revenue details needed for our report. 

  1. Go to Administration > Export Definitions 
  2. Click Add to add a new Export Definition
  3. Select the source view of Revenue
  4. To output the constituencies: In the left column, expand Constituent, highlight Constituencies. From the middle column, drag Constituency to Selected Fields. 
  5. An export criteria window will pop. In Number to export, leave the number at 1. Under Filter, choose Selected constituencies. From the left column, drag Constituency to Include Records Where. Set this to be equal to the first constituency you would like to report on. Your export criteria should look like this: Image of finished export criteria
  6. Click OK
  7. Click the pencil icon at the top of the selected fields column to rename this field in Selected Fields to indicate what Constituency is being outputted.
  8. Next, to add additional constituencies, highlight the Constituent node in Selected fields and drag over Constituency again. Highlighted node
  9. A new Export Criteria window will pop. Follow step 5-7 again for your next constituency. 
  10. Repeat for all remaining constituencies. 
  11. Add any additional information  you need in your export definition. 
  12. On the Set save options tab, name your export definition and click Save. 
Step 3: Create an Export Process
The export process connects your selection with your export definition. 
  1. Go to Administration, Export 
  2. Click Add to add a new export 
  3. Name your export process and add a description
  4. Under Export type, select Export Definition
  5. Under Selection, choose your revenue query from Step 1. 
  6. Under Export Definition, choose your export definition from Step 2. 
  7. Click Save
  8. Once your process is saved, click Start Process to generate your list of donations by constituency.