There are a few circumstances that can result in a Group not being able to be deleted. These can include:
  • System generated groups - For example, each participation type in TeamRaiser has a group in constituent360 containing all constituents that have registered under that participation type. Any built-in group, such as Any Registered User and Advocacy district groups can not be deleted. If a group was created to hold survey respondents or event ticket purchases, these groups also can not be deleted. Any group that was generated from a Task can not be deleted. Unless the group was created manually by an administrator, chances are it was system generated and therefore cannot be deleted.
  • Certain built-in Group Types that are system generated - If a group was created manually by an admin and the group was placed in to a built-in group type, this would also disable the delete function for that group. Luminate uses the Group Type to identify groups that are system generated. The groups within these group types can't be deleted because the database relies on some of these groups in order to function correctly in certain areas. For example, each TeamRaiser contains a group of donors, which is used to display donors in certain participant address books and frontend status indicators and etc.