I need to resubmit todays WealthPoint OnTime submission

When your WealthPoint OnTime (WPOT) submissions are sent, they are processed and returned. However, if you accidentally submit incorrectly formatted data (e.g. incorrectly placed extra columns), you will have likewise incorrect data returned.
In the event this happens and you need the correct data for the day, you can simply resubmit the corrected file to your WealthPoint OnTime (WPOT) account for reprocessing. The WPOT process will cycle back through and see the new submission the next time it comes back to your account. If the file is resubmitted with the same name, the new results file will overwrite the existing results file if it still exists, otherwise it will create a new results file based off of the new files name.

Note: Due to how the WPOT service works, Support will be unable to push a resubmitted file ahead in the queue, regardless of criticality. The WPOT process cycles through its accounts and will see the new file the next time it cycles through. The expected time on return for resubmitted files should still fall into accordance with the Service Level Agreement.

Steps to Duplicate

Submit incorrect data to WealthPoint OnTime

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