Void the check:
1.  Log into Fundware on the business date the checks were logged. 
2.  From Accounts Payable, select the bank and open the Paid folder. 
3.  Highlight the checks that are incorrect and click Void. The reversals will posted at this time. 
4.  The obligations move back to the folder before marking for pay (usually Invoices or Approved for Payment). 
5.  From the folder the obligations are now in (usually Invoices or Approved for Payment), they can be highlighted and either voided. 

Void the obligation:
1.  Log into Fundware with the business date the obligations need to be voided with. 
2.  From Accounts Payable, click Open, and click the Invoice folder. 
3.  Highlight the obligation to be voided by clicking on it.  If multiple obligations need to be voided, hold the Ctrl key down while clicking on the obligations, to highlight all of them at once. 
4.  Click Void at the bottom of the screen, and click OK. 
5.  Click the box with the plus sign next to the Invoice folder and click the Voided folder. 
6.  Click Post.

Create a new invoice with the correct vendor, mark it for pay, then produce and log the check.