Unable to edit contact information on a relationship record in 7.95 (includes video demo)

Since you can no longer have relationship-specific phone information, all phone numbers listed on individual to individual relationships in the Raiser’s Edge 7.93 now appear on the Bio 1 tab of the main constituent’s record.  When opening a relationship record in 7.95, users may notice that some of the contact information is locked and they are unable to edit certain phones or emails. Depending on the relationship type, some phones need to be edited on the main constituent's Bio1 tab rather than the relationship record.

Relationships between 2 full constituent records of the same type:
      All phones and emails must be edited on the Bio1 or Org1 tabs of the main constituent records.  No contact information can be edited directly from the Relationship record.
Two Full Constituents of the same type
Relationships between 2 full constituent records of different types:
     Relationship-specific contact information, such as a direct office phone number or work email address for an individual at their workplace can be edited on the relationship record.  Other phones that are not specific to the relationship need to be edited on the Bio1 or Org1 tabs of the applicable constituent record, and will appear locked on the relationship record. The Source Record field will help identify where you are able to edit the locked contact information.
2 Full Constituents of different types

For any relationships between a constituent and a non-constituent:
    Contact information can be edited on the relationship record itself.  If that relationship is ever promoted to be a constituent, their existing contact information from the relationship will be added to their new constituent record, and at that time it will become locked, or shaded in yellow, on the relationship record.

Full Constituent and non-Constituent

As a general rule, you can only change phone information from the source constituent record.

  Editing Contact Info in 7.95.pdf

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