Cannot continue to next step of form - When filling out a Common, Online Admission or Enrollment form

When filling out a Common, Admission or Re-enrollment form, we either cannot submit or move to the next step. There is no error message, and all fields are filled out.
  1. Sign into NetCommunity website
  2. Navigate to Site Explorer > Forms
  3. Locate the form that is giving an error
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit this form
  5. Locate the section of the form that is required (red asterisk) and hidden (surrounded by a dotted line)
  6. Edit that section to remove the requirement and click Save

Steps to Duplicate

This issue arises when there is a field on our form that is required, but hidden from our users. The form is looking for the field to be filled out, but the user is unable to enter in any information. The same rules that hide our field also hide the message that would normally tell us which fields still needed to be filled out.

User-added image
In this image, we can see that File Attachment is a required field because of the red asterisk. The dotted line that surrounds it tells us that this field is hidden. 


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