Date sent is blank on communications page of constiteunt record

If the launch date is blank on a Marketing Effort at the time of activation the date sent for the Communication on the Constituent record may be blank.
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack. 

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Select Direct Marketing Efforts from the Marketing and communications functional area
2.  Click add
3.  Select Example Complex Mail Template and click next
4.  Enter a name
5.  Due date = today
6.  Click save
7.  Click Add > Constituent Segment
8.  Segment = All constituents
9.  Package = bbtest package
10.  Click save
11.  Click activate marketing effort
12.  Search for appeal
13.  Click add
14.  Enter a name
15.  Enter a description
16.  Click save
17.  Return to the ME 
18.  Select the segment and click list members
19.  Select the link to any constituent
20.  Select the communciations tab
21.  Note the date sent is blank


 Blackbaud CRM

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