How does the Luminate Online search engine work for the Email module?

When I search for an email message, the results seem almost random. Why is this?
The built in search feature works by searching terms using AND not OR criteria.


When your data is the following:

2016 Recruitment Email 1
2016 Recruitment Email 2
2016 Recruitment Email 3
2016 Recruitment Email 4
2016 Recruitment Email 5
Hearts for Ezra

And you search for:
2016 Recruitment Email 1

You get 5 results because those results all contain:
2016 AND Recruitment AND Email AND 1
(the "1" is in one in 2016 for emails 2, 3, 4, 5)

If you search for:
you get the one result you're looking for. (Underscores substitute for spaces)

If you search for:
2016 Ezra
you get 0 results because none of the message titles have both 2016 AND Ezra.

To optimize your search terms, try using underscores " _ " in place of spaces. 



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