Print membership cards process overwrites card number field

It is possible to manually assign a membership card and card number to a constituent.  When running a Print membership cards process, a user may notice that the manually assigned card number is overwritten by a system defined card number.  
The Print Membership Card process is designed to create a membership card number of membership ID + Sequence.  The option to manually assign or edit a membership card number is to allow clients who use a third party software or tool to generate membership cards the ability to enter a membership card number within BBCRM.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Login to 4.0
2.  Go to Constituents and Add an individual.  
3.  On the Memberships tab, Add a membership.
4.  Save. 
5.  On the Membership record under Membership cards, click the dropdown next to their card and then click Assign card number.  Add a card number and save.  
6.  Go to Memberships and click Print membership cards.  Add a process.
7.  Save and Start your process. 
8.  Download output to .csv and notice that the card number from step 5 was overwritten by a new value during the print membership card process.  



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