Matching Gift payments duplicated in Gift Lists

Users have the ability to create Gift Lists within the Web View of Raiser's Edge NXT.  A user may notice that matching gift payments may be duplicated when reviewing their results.
Raiser's Edge NXT Lists in the Web View include matching gifts that associated with both the matching gift company, and the donor.  There is not a filter  available with in lists to choose to include the matching gift company, the donor or both.  

We will continue to evaluate this functionality and may possible be available in a future release.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into
  2. Click Lists>Gifts
  3. In the Filters section, select Last 7 days from the Within this period drop-down
  4. Click Apply filters 
  5. Duplicate Matching gift payments appear in the list
  6. Navigate back tot he FIlters menu
  7. Select Of these types 
  8. Mark the Hide Soft credits checkbox
  9. Click Apply filters
  10. Duplicate Matching gift payments still appear
  11. Log into Database View
  12. Open the Constituent record with the duplicate Matching gift payment in NXT
  13. Click the Gifts tab
  14. Only one Matching Gift Pay-Cash gift is present

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