Gift by Membership field is blank in my query

When creating a membership or constituent query, the gift by field is blank in the Results fields to display, however it is not blank on the membership record.
Instead of selecting Member\Membership Transaction\Given By, we will want to go to the next node labeled Given By.
  1. On the left, expand Member > Membership > Membership Transaction and select Given By
  2. In the middle, drag Name to Results Fields to Display
  3. Preview results to verify that all Given by\Name fields are populated when the membership is a gift

For a Constituent query:

Constituent Query Fields

For a Membership query:

Membership Query Fields

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library > click add ad-hoc query > choose Constituent
  2. On the left expand Member > select Membership > in the middle drag Membership Status to Include records where and set equal to Active
  3. On the left expand Member > expand Memberships > select Membership Transaction > in the middle drag Given By to results fields to display
  4. Preview results and see only minimal fields are populated


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