There are a few reasons why Luminate may not send an email to a constituent and there are also some reasons why a recipient may not receive our emails.

Follow the steps below to confirm that Luminate sent the message.
  1. Go to Constitent360 and select Constituents
  2. Search for the constituent in question and click View
  3. Select the Interactions Tab
  4. Click Emails Sent
  5. If you can't find your email message here, then Luminate did not send your message to this constituent
We will not send an email message to a constituent if one of the following conditions apply
  1. Accept Email is No (opted out)
  2. Email Status is Bad (Hard Bounce)
  3. Email is Blank
  4. Active Status is Removed (the Constituent has been removed)
  5. Deceased is Yes
  6. The constituent is not a member of the target group
  7. The constituent is a member of a suppression group
  8. The constituent is opted out of the center (only applicable for multi-center sites)
If Luminate sent the message to the constituent, but they did not receive it, here are a few reasons why they didn't.
  1. The email went to the spam folder. How do we prevent our emails from being considered spam?
  2. The recipient's email is controlled in an enterprise environment. The recipient will have to verify with IT that they aren't blocking our outgoing mail server IP addresses. What outgoing email server does the Luminate platform use?