First create the Attribute:

1. Click Administration
2. Click Attribute categories
3. Click Add
4. Enter in Name of Attribute Category
5. Click the drop down for the Record type field > select Constituent
6. For the remaining field enter your preferences
7. Click Save

Next create Global change:

1. Click Administration
2. Click Global Changes
3. Click Add
4.Double click Add constituent attribute
5. Name the Global change
6. Click the magnifying glass icon
7. Click Search button
8. Double click on the Selection you wish to add Attribute to
9. Click the drop down for Category and select your Category
10. Enter the Value you would like for the attribute
11. Select your additional preferences on in this window
12. Click Save.

Apply the Global Change:

1. Click drop down in front of the Global Change process created
2. Click Process global change
3. The attribute and its value will now be on the Attributes Tab of the records from your Selection

How to view the new Attribute:

1. Open a record that was included in the selection
2. Click Biographical Information Tab
3. Click Attributes Tab