Custom String, Custom Monetary Amounts and Custom Data Elements on donation forms are tied to this section of the Transaction Details report. You can add to this section by adding a custom data element to one of your donation forms or create a custom constituent field for the aforementioned data types.

To create a custom data element:
  1. Fundraising > Donation Management.
  2. Select the All Donations Forms tab.
  3. Select edit next to the donation form that you will add the data element to.
  4. Select Step 3. Design Donor Screens.
  5. From the left hand side column, select New.
  6. Fill in the title for the Data Element and select the Data Type. Make any additional configurations and save your changes.
To add a Custom String or Monetary Amount field onto constituent records, include a few details about your new field and contact Luminate Support to make this adjustment for you