Membership Revenue Tab does not update with time period change

When changing the time period from Membership Program >> Revenue to any time period other than "this week," totals and dates do not change accurately. 
The Membership Revenue graph shows the revenue date on the graph, but pulls in any transactions based on the membership transaction date that fall within the time-frame specified .

This issue can occur when the membership transaction date of a membership transaction has been edited. For example, if a membership transaction occurred on 10/1 but the date was edited to 9/1 this can cause the graph to be distorted. You would need to edit the membership transaction date back to the original date to resolve this issue. 


Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Membership, open the appropriate membership program.
  2. Navigate to the "Revenue" tab. 
  3. Select time range "this month." Notice that time period does not change accurately according to current date.
  4. Try other date ranges. Notice that only "this week" updates properly.


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