Interest field is grayed out when importing interest for Organizations

When importing interests for organizations the interest field is grayed out in the batch that is generated, and should not be because Altru allows interest to be imported on to organization records.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Administration > Batch > Batch Entry > Batch Templates
2. Click the left arrows next to Constituent Update Batch (if you are updating existing organizations in your database, if you are adding new organizations choose the constituent batch template) > Choose Edit
3. Select fields and defaults > On the left select Interest > move to the selected fields for the batch
4. To default import organizations > Select Constituent type and change the default value from individual to organization
5. Save the batch
6. Go to Administration > Import > Generate Import Header file > Choose either Constituent Update Batch or Constituent Batch (depending on if the organizations are already populated in your database)
7. Edit the quantity for Collection field interest to reflect the max number of Interests you may be importing for each organization
8. Click Ok > This will Generate a header file for your import
9. Populate your headerfile and save as a CSV 

Create the Import process under Administration, then Import

To create a new import process click Add
  1. Fill in a meaningful name (ex. Constituent Import Process)
  2. Click the button “Choose from local file” and browse to the import file
  3. Batch template – choose the one you used
  4. Batch owner – Select your username
  5. Map the fields. Click on auto-map and then map the collection fields manually if necessary.
  6. Ex. To map phones select the phones line and then click on “Map Collection Field” button. Enter the number of phones then click on auto-map
  7. On the OPTIONS tab select “Add new entries” under code table fields and select “Quick Find” under search list fields if you are adding a primary business relationship or spouse record
  8. Click save when all fields are mapped
  9. To run the import
    1. Highlight the import and click “Start Import
    2. Any exceptions will show on the Recent Status tab. You can fix the exceptions and run the import again. Note that the .csv file must be closed when you run the import
    3. Running the import creates a Batch. If you run the import multiple times you’ll have multiple batches so make sure you run the right one
  10. Commit the batch
    1. Click on Batch Entry and highlight your batch created from the import process
    2. Open the batch and see that the interest field is grayed out


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