Membership Promotions applying to memberships that don't allow them

When reviewing your online transactions you may notice that a membership promotion was used to purchase a membership that does not allow that particular membership promotion
Check to see if the membership promotion's application is "with code". Membership promotions in Altru that use promo codes can be applied to all memberships. We cannot restrict a membership promotion that uses promo codes to certain memberships. Follow the steps below to see the application type of a membership promotion.
  1. Click Tickets > Membership Promotions
  2. Find your membership promotion in the list
  3. Look under the selected for use column to see the application type of the membership
  4. If the application type says with code then that means the membership uses a promotional code

Steps to Duplicate

1. Click Memberships > Click on the name of the membership
2. Click on the rules tab of the membership > click edit
3. Take note of the allowed membership promotions
4. Click analysis > information library > add an adhoc query
5. Add a sales order query
6. Put this field under results fields to display: Sales Order Item\Sales Order Item Membership\ Sales Order Item Membership Item Promotion\ Membership Promotion\ Name is equal to 15% - Acquisition Mailing W/code 
7. Enter the sales order number under include records where
8. Notice that the membership promotion has been used
9. Click Review results


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