How do I create a merge field in Microsoft Word?

When using the Classic View for Letters in Config, a merge field may need to be created to map Raiser's Edge fields to the document when editing an existing letter or adding a new letter. 
  1. Open desired Word document.
  2. Place cursor where merge field is desired.
  3. Press CTRL and F9 together and { } in gray will appear.
  4. Right-click on the { } field and select Edit Field.
  5. In pop-up box, select Mail Merge from Categories and then MergeField from Field Names.
  6. Then under Field properties, type a short descriptive name in the Field name (Example: GiftDate if needing to map that field to the letter)
  7. Click OK.
  8. For additional fields, repeat steps 2 through 7.
  9. Save document when all fields are inserted.

Please contact the appropriate software vendor or IT professional for assistance with this process or issue which is beyond Blackbaud's scope of support.


 Raiser's Edge
 Microsoft Word

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