How to cancel a pending WealthPoint screening in ResearchPoint

Some users find that a pending screening needs to be cancelled.  This can be necessary if a screening hangs and does not complete in the expected time frame (approximately 30 seconds to 2 minutes.)
  1. Log into ResearchPoint
  2. Click on Prospects tab from the top menu bar
  3. Under the Configuration section, click Wealth and Ratings Data
  4. Select the tab WealthPoint Screening History
  5. If your screening does not appear under WealthPoint unresolved screenings, click the Filters button and change the Date submitted to All
  6. Click the round chevron button to the left of the screening to be cancelled
  7. Click the Cancel button
  8. Then re-screen the record
NOTE: There may occasionally be a screening that is not visible to users and Support will have to cancel it. If this is the case please Contact Support and reference this Knowledgebase article.



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