Error: Data could not be saved. Arithmetic overflow error converting nvarchar to data type numeric - in Group Sales

When trying to add a discount greater than 999, you may receive this error message when adding the discount or trying to remove it. 
This issue has been resolved. If you experience this error, please chat with support to provide the exact steps that were taken.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Tickets > Tickets and merchandise discounts, add a Standard Discount with use by promo code with "Amount off" set to be $1000. 
  2. From Group Sales, add a Custom Item to the itinerary. Set the cost to be anything above $1000.
  3. Make sure the Group Sale is set up for per-ticket pricing
  4. Next, click apply discount.
  5. Choose the promo code you entered above and save.
  6. If you were able to save in step 5, now click "manage discounts" and try to remove the discount.
  7. Notice error message. 


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