My total revenue and payments report doesn't match my BBMS disbursement with "Pay on arrival" orders

When running the Total Revenue and Payments report, orders that were created as "Pay on arrival" orders show up on the order date, not on the payment date. This does not match the BBMS disbursement report for the corresponding date. 
This issue was resolved in version 4.8 of Altru.  Orders now show on the payment date, not the order date.

Steps to Duplicate

BBMS disbursement: 
1. From the Treasury tab, click on Reconcile transactions and disbursements. 
2. Under the View by Altru transaction tab, set the report to show All transactions.
3. Set the date to xxx, and click Apply. 

Total Revenue and Payments: 
1. From the Revenue tab, click on Total Revenue and Payments report.
2. Set date to corresponding date above, and ensure that the Show payment method distribution box is checked. View report.
3. Under Revenue by Payment Method Report, expand Credit card. 
4. Note that the number of transactions doesn't match the number of transactions in the BBMS disbursement report. 



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