Membership Ad-hoc Query returning members after they have been removed from Membership record

After removing a Member from a Membership record, the removed member is still returned in a Membership Ad-hoc query that is pulled all members based on the Membership Program and/or Membership record.
The functionality within the system for the query on Membership Program and/or Membership ID is to pull all data, including historical data, for memberships that are currently or were at some point associated with the specific Membership in your criteria.

If you wish to remove any membership record that was deleted or dropped from the program, then you will need to include one additional field in your criteria: Members\Is dropped

To return all Members that have not been deleted/dropped, you will include the following criteria, as per my screenshot example below: "Members\Is dropped is equal to No"

Active Members Only


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Add an Individual to a Memberships Program with a level that is a group (3 or more)
  2. Click Save
  3. From the Membership Record, click Edit Members
  4. Add an additional Member with originally entered member marked as the Primary Member
  5. Go to Analysis > Information Library and Add an Ad-hoc query for Memberships
  6. Add the following Criteria:
    • Membership program is equal to [Membership Program you added Member to above]
    • Membership ID is equal to N-NNNNNNNN (Note this is located on the Membership record)
  7. Additionally, you can include the following Results, as needed:
Membership Query Recommended Results
  1. Save and run the query
  2. Note that there should be two records returned
  3. Go back to the Membership Record
  4. Click Edit Members and add a new Membership, click Save
  5. Go back to the Query and run it
  6. Note that there should be three records returned
  7. Go back to the Membership record and remove one of the Members, click Save
  8. Go back to the Query and run it
  9. Note that there are likely 3 records returned when there should only be 2 returned at this point.


 Blackbaud CRM

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