Cause 1:
The stray or ghost line typically appears near the top of the financial statement or above the first real row of data, but it can happen anywhere.  The unknown row is appearing because the row format has a line defined with no format type and no formula.  By default, FIMS assigns a format of GL and when it sees no formula it picks an arbitrary GL account and displays a balance for that row.  Frequently it is the last row in the Trial Balance that is displayed, but not always.

To fix the issue examine your row formatter and check to be sure that all rows have formats defined and for all GL formats there is something in the formula column.  Usually you will change the format to desc or delete the line.

Cause 2:
This ghost line can also appear when there is a line in the Master Chart of Accounts with no natural account number defined, but a Type and Fund Class are defined. When running Auto Build GL Accounts, it will create this 'ghost account' and it can appear in both financial statements and when looking at the list of GL accounts for the fund in the General Ledger Module.
To correct this follow these steps:
  1. Go to File Maintenance > General Ledger > Master Chart of Accounts Maintenance
  2. Find the line in the Master Chart of Accounts that does not have a natural account number defined, but does have a Fund Class defined.
  3. Highlight this line and click the Delete button at the top of the window
  4. Click Save then close the Master Chart of Accounts window
  5. Go to File Maintenance > General Ledger > General Ledger Accounts
  6. Search for the fund that was showing the ghost line
  7. Highlight the ghost line and click the delete button at the top that is shaped like an X
  8. Click save then close this window
NOTE: If the ghost account has activity and you receive a message that it can't be deleted you will need to reduce the balance of that account to $0 using manual journal entries then mark the account as inactive. Lastly, you will need to go to the Master Chart of Accounts and remove the fund classes tied to the natural account number so this account cannot be auto-built again in the future.