Comments field: In the Phones grid, there will be a new Comments column which provides a free-text field to enter additional information and serves as a reference to easily identify phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information on records.

Date Last Changed: There will also be a Date Last Changed column in the Phones grid. After editing a phone, this field will be automatically updated to reflect today's date.

Source Record: When opening relationship records between individual and organization records, the new Source record column is present in the Phones grid. This field will help identify which information applies to the relationship and which applies to the constituent record. It will help you quickly locate where a phone/email lives and where to go to edit it.

Phone/Email User Option: Users can now set a user option to determine which tab of the contact information grid is selected by default when you access a constituent record. This allows you to have the most relevant or most used information viewable when you access records.

Business Rule for Duplicate Phones/Emails: With the
upgrade to 7.94, duplicate phones and emails are now allowed onto records. With 7.95, there is now a Business Rule in Configuration that can be set to allow, prompt for or prevent multiple phone numbers and email addresses of the same type to be saved.

For more information about the Raiser's Edge 7.95 release, be sure to check out our Release page on the Community.