If you do not have the Prospects Tab, import the results as an Attribute. 

How to Import Constituents Attributes

If Importing to the Prospects Tab, You will do a Prospect Other Gift Import. 
  1. In Raiser's Edge Select Admin and then Import
  2. From under the Constituent Category Double Click Prospect Other Gift
  3. On the General Tab Select Import New Records, Validate Data Only, and Create New Table Entries.
  4. Browse to the Import File
  5. Select Import ID as How to Identify Existing Constituents
  6. Select Delimited as the Import File Format
  7. Ensure that everything Is correct on the File Layout Tab
  8. On the Fields Tab, The mapping should be as follows:
User-added image
     9. Select Validate Data in the bottom right hand corner of the screen
    10. If there are no exceptions, uncheck the validate data only from the general tab
    11. On the Summery Tab, Select To create an exception file, a query of records updated, and a control report. 
    12. Select Import Now