Revenue entered in Australian Dollas shows as Euro

On the business units tab of the revenue record some revenue displays in Euro instead of Australian Dollars. On the application in batch where the revenue was entered, this also displays incorrectly as Euro. This appears to impact historic data only.
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

 Steps to duplicate:
From my investigation this appears to only be impacting historic data and subsequently can’t be recreated. To review the problem records the steps are below
  1. Go to revenue > revenue search
  2. Search for  rev-17038892
  3. On the details tab under application details select go to revenue
  4. Select the business unit tab and note the amount seen in Euro.
To identify the issue in batch
  1. Go to revenue > batch search
  2. Search for batch number 20150508-DDep-1081
  3. Note the revenue for Lena And Andrew Court $495
  4. Click the revenue tab and select apply
  5. Note the applied amount is shown in Euros
Revenue ID is rev-16787041
In the test environment we also have the query Revenue Currency Differences to identify these records


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