Address fields are missing spaces in Online Express email confirmation billing address merge field

Online Express donation forms generate an email confirmation to the donor of their gift. However if the Billing Address merge field is used and the email is opened in some email clients, the address fields display correctly but appear pushed together. (Note: The Billing Address merge field is not available if the form is set up to generate receipts on the 1. Get Started tab as the donor address appears in the generated eReceipt.)
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Alternate solution
If a future receipt will be issued, omit the Billing Address merge field from the email confirmation.
Set up receipts (eReceipts) in Online Express.

Steps to Duplicate

1. In Online Express, create a donation form or open an existing one.
2. On the 1. Get started tab, scroll to bottom. Make sure that Credit card is marked as pay method. Unmark Generate Online Receipts. (This field is not available if eReceipts are being generated.)
3. Proceed to review other tabs of form. For testing, the form just needs to accept outright credit card gifts.
4. Once on 5. Thank yous tab, double click on box that says click to edit email.
5. When the email box opens, click Insert tab.
6. Click Merge fields.
7. Double click on the Billing Address merge field to add to the email text.
8. If creating new form, click Save & continue and finish form set-up. If editing existing form, click Save & close.
9. From the form, copy the form's JavaScript to embed the form.
10. Place the form's JavaScript on a webpage to test a donation.
11. Upon receiving the confirmation, open from a mobile device or in a web-based email client. The spacing issue only appears in some email clients.


 Blackbaud Online Express

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