Form Setup: 
The form will require 2 fields, Current Status and School Year Apply, that checklists will use.  This information is mandatory for every Applicant record. In the example below we have a Current Status of Inquiry and a School Apply of Pepperworth Upper School.
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Tracks in The Education Edge:
The tracks are built off of 2 pieces of information: Current Status and School Year Apply.  The Education Edge will create the new applicant record, and automatically stamp the record with any Tracks defined with the same status and school as the application
The new applicant record is created and the Checklist items defined on the Track that meet the requirements for Status and School are added to the Checklist tab of the applicant record.
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To view Tracks:
  1. Log in to The Education Edge
  2. Choose the Admissions Office module
  3. Click Configuration > Tracks
  4. Open the Track that is set up
  5. Verify the School and the Status match the fields on the Online Admission form (see images above)
  6. Click the Checklist Tab
  7. The Checklist items here will be added to the applicant record when it is created, as long as the applicant matches the criteria for Status and School
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Form Submit Settings: 
  1. Log in to the NetCommunity site
  2. Click Site Explorer > Forms
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the Online Admission (OLA) form
  4. Click the Submit Settings tab
  5. Refer to the image below for the settings that should be defined below
    1. Academic Year: The Academic Year may or may not be defined. The form will just assume we are talking about the same Academic Year that the application is setup for and usually it is. So, this can be left blank or defined by an Academic Year if desired. 
    2. Tracks and checklist items: The first part of these line items is the School Apply as it is defined on the Track in The Education Edge.
Note: This box lists the checklist items with the associated track as it is in The Education Edge.  If you can’t read the whole line just hover your mouse over the items and they will pop up a tooltip that will show you the full details. These read as: School Apply – Track ID – Checklist Item.
  1. Tracks and checklist items track ID: The second part is ID of the track as it is defined in The Education Edge.
  2. Selected: This box shows the items that are selected to be marked. The Education Edge looks back at the form to see what items to mark on the applicant record. Any checklist items needed to be marked, should be added here. 
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The Finished Applicant Record in EE: 
The checklist items that are selected in the Submit Settings of the form will show marked as completed. It will also note the Completion Date. In the example above and below the INQ track has 3 items, those three items were added to the submit settings of the form, and those 3 items were marked as completed on the record in EE.
User-added image
  • The Online Admission form will gather Status and School Apply
  • The Education Edge will automatically add any Tracks associated with the Status and School Apply to the applicant record that is created
  • The Track, in turn, adds the Checklist items to the record
  • The Submit Settings of the Online Admission form will only mark which checklist items get completed
Note: If a form is submitted more than once, the Completion Date of the existing checklist item will be updated. A new checklist item will not be added.