Follow these steps to remove the duplicate nodes in an export definition.
  1. Go to Marketing and Communications, Acknowledgements.
  2. Click the down arrows next to the letter you need to edit.
  3. Edit the merge fields. This will open the export definition.
  4. Note the fields on the right in use under the duplicate nodes.
  5. Highlight the field and hit the red x at the top to remove it.  After removing all the fields under a duplicate node, the node will disappear.
  6. Locate the field again in the middle column.
  7. In the right column, click on the section that this field belongs in.  For example, if we are pulling Constituent\First name, in the right, click on Constituent under Constituent Marketing Information.
  8. Then, click the right arrow to move the field over.  No new node will be created.  Instead, there will be one node with each field under it.
  9. Save the export definition.
  10. Finish and close or Save.
  11. Run the acknowledgements again.
For screenshots to help with the duplicate node steps above, see this blog post.