Can I change the additional field names on the new user registration form?

When editing the additional fields section for the user registratiion on the user login part in NetCommunity there is not a way to change the display names of those fields.
While you cannot change the field names directly from the user login part in NetCommunity, you can take the following steps to change those display names by altering the fields first in Raisers Edge.
  1. Log in to Raiser's Edge and navigate to Config > Fields
  2. Select constituents from the left pane 
  3. For the maiden name field edit the displayname column
  4. naviagte away from this section in Raiser's Edge
  5. In NetCommunity navigate to administration > code tables 
  6. Click the green button labelled refresh code tables
  7. You should now see this field updated on the new user registration form (note that this might not synch right away, we might need to refresh the code tables a couple times)


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