Before setting up the gradebook for a new class, you may see a tool icon showing up in place of the green gradebook.

Sample pre-setup gradebook

When you click on your gradebook, it will take you to in to your categories.
  1. Setup categories for assignments, such as Test, Homework, and Lab.
  2. If your school uses peer reviewers, set up comment approval.
  3. Add assignments to your classes. (You can add assignments later as needed, but add the assignments you know you need now.) 
  4. Set up your assignment dropbox defaults for each class.
  5. If needed, add class announcements.
  6. If needed, add any documents you want students to be able to download from NetClassroom. You can add the documents to the class in general or add it to a specific assignment.
Note: At the end of the school year, if you want to copy categories, assignments, and non-assignment documents from the current class to next year's class, use the Copy categories/assignments task