You can follow these steps to generate the custom email alert in question:

1.  Select Information Library from the Analysis functional area
2.  Click add an ad-hoc query
3.  Select a source view of Business Process Status and click OK
4.  Include records where Status is one of Did not finish, Completed with exceptions
5.  Add any desired fields to the Results fields to display list
6.  Add Ended on in the Results fields to display list
7.  Click Create data list
8.  Enter a data list name
9.  Select the Alert options tab
10.  Mark the box to allow this datalist to be used for feed alerts
11.  Choose the field Ended on for the Publication date field
12.  Click save
13.  Cancel out of the query

This datalist can now be used in a custom email alert.  For steps in adding a custom email alert, please consult the Blackbaud CRM Administration Guide for your current version.