How to change the order of the Address option and Email address options

When adding Address options or Email Address options to forms in BBIS, but they do not meet your needs as far as the order they are displaying, the following steps will walk you through updating the order with a user-defined order instead of the default Alphabetically order. 
  1. In CRM, go to Administration > Code Tables
  2. Filter on Category of Biographical, click Apply
  3. Expand the Code Table Name "Address Type"
  4. Click Edit sort method
  5. Change Sort method to User-defined, click Save
  6. Click Show lookup
  7. Edit the order of the Address Types by highlighting the appropriate field/s and using the arrows at the bottom of the window to move the type into the desired order
  8. Click Close when finished
  9. Expand the Code Table Name "Email Address Type"
  10. Repeat the previous steps provided for changing the order for Code Table Name "Address Type"
  11. In BBIS, go to Administration > Sites & Settings (General Tab)
  12. Scroll down to the Address options and Email Address options section.
  13. If not marked, mark the checkboxes for "Allow users to select a different [email] address" and mark all fields you wish to be available.
  14. Note: The order within each section should reflect the User-defined order specified in the steps above


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