The White House has made a change to their webform for both the President and Vice President on 12/9/2015. Blackbaud has reacted swiftly to ensure we can still submit all client messages, however, this new webform requires phone number along with the following default fields in order to successfully process: (first name, last name, address, state, zip, and email). For those clients who have already required phone number on their alerts, no action is required. For those that have not, please see below on how to ensure phone number is included as a required field on your Advocacy alerts (Tip: Including phone number as required on all Luminate Online Advocacy alerts is a recommended best practice):
  1. Advocacy > Action Alerts.
  2. Search for the action alert you would like to configure, or select "Create Alert".
  3. Choose Step 5. Select Contact Fields. 
  4. Once here check the box next to Phone under the Required column.
  5. Select Save.

Note: Retrying existing alert response that failed because phone number was not submitted will not be successful.