How to refresh calculated Marking Columns in Faculty Access for the Web when grades come from onCampus through Connect EE.

When marking columns are calculated based off other marking column grades in Faculty Access for the Web (FAWeb), the calculated marking column doesn't automatically perform the calculation when grades come from onCampus through Connect EE. The plug-in in this Knowledgebase can be used to recalculate FAWeb marking column grades that are based on other marking columns for the current academic year.

Recalculate FAWeb Marking Column Grades
To run the Recalculate FAWEB Marking Column Grades utility:

For self hosted (on premise) environments:
  1. Download the attached file at the bottom of these directions
  2. Install the plug-in: How to install and run a plug-in
  3. After the plug-in is installed log into The Education Edge
  4. Go to Plug-Ins > Miscellaneous > Recalculate FAWEB Marking Column Grades
  5. Check the box "Run plugin" then click Update
In FAWeb, the calculated marking column grades will now be calculated. Teachers can now adjust grades as needed, add their comments, and mark the class as Ready to Post.

If your EE database is hosted by Blackbaud:
  1. ​After you log into Citrix you will see a new environment - The Education Edge UAT
  2. Opening that instance of The Education Edge will open you directly to the Plug-Ins page in EE.  There you will find the plug-in to run: Recalculate FAWEB Marking Column Grades. (If you are not logged directly into the Plug-Ins page, the plug-in can be found under Plug-Ins > Miscellaneous)
  3. Once you have run the plug-in, please log out of this instance of Education Edge and use your normal instance for logging in.

A few things to keep in mind:
  1. If Supervisor has marking column calculations set to automatically calculate using Supervisor defined calculations, the plugin will take longer to complete. It will also take longer if teachers can define their calculations or select whether or not to use them and a lot of teachers have calculated marking columns setup.
  2. If multiple teachers teach the class, it will use the greatest decimal precision when calculating. For example: Teacher 1 left their decimal precision as the default, which is 0. Teacher 2 set theirs to 2. When the recalculation runs, the resulting grade will have 2 decimal places.
  3. If a grade is manually entered into a calculated marking column, when the recalculation plugin is run, that marking column grade will be recalculated. A few examples:
    S1 Work = 75% of Sem 1 grade
    S1 Exam = 25% of Sem 1 grade
    S1 work grade = 100
    S2 Exam grade = 95
    Teacher manually enters 100 for Sem 1 grade
    If the recalculation plugin is ran the grade will be set to 98.750, 98.75, 98.8, 99 depending on decimal precision.  They lose the 100 that was entered.
    Another example...  Suppose no grades were entered for S1 Work and S1 Exam, but teacher enters a grade in Sem 1 grade as 85.  When the recalculation runs, the grade for Sem 1 grade will be blank.

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