This may occur if Site Tracking is not added properly to your NetCommunity site .

To confirm if Site Tracking is the root cause, perform the following:
  1. Navigate to Administration>Sites & Settings
  2. Select your site from the left column
  3. Scroll to Site tracking and unmark the box for "Enable Site Tracking"
  4. Wait a few minutes and try to reorder the attributes. 
  • If the attributes successfully save, the root cause is likely an improperly formatted tracking code
To resolve, please follow our Guide on Site Tracking to ensure the code is entered correctly. 

Please Note: Blackbaud Support can not troubleshoot issues with the tracking code. Assistance with code will need to take place through the 3rd party code provider. Many users utilize Google Analytics and their page can be found here.

Note: if disabling Site Tracking does not resolve the behavior, please Click Chat with Support.