The best way to add Google Translate to a page is to do the following, after you have retrieved the Google Translate code and copied it from

If you want to apply this to every Page navigate to:
  1. onMessage 
  2. Website 
  3. Main Site
  4. Master Layouts
  5. Click on one of the Layouts you would like to add the Translator to
  6. Drag the embed widget to where you would like for the Icon to display on every page User-added image                 User-added image                                                                    Click the Gear Icon and add in the code that you obtained from imageUser-added image
  7. Complete this for each of the Master Layouts that you want to add the Translator to

If you just want to do this for a individual Page(s) navigate to:
  1. onMessage > Website > Main Site. 
  2. Click on the Edit cogwheel next to the page you want to edit 
  3. Click and drag the Embed widget from the left menu onto the page. Make sure to drag and drop it where you want it to display
  4. Click the cog Edit cogwheel icon on the widget and enter the copied translate code obtained from
  5. Click Save
  6. Click Apply Changes to the page
  7. Complete these steps for each page you want to add the Translator to