Yellow Exclamation point not appearing on overdue next steps in prospects and plans

Yellow exclamation point is not showing up on any overdue steps on the Prospect and Plans tab on My Fundraiser page.  Per the help page (“Warnings, an exclamation point in a yellow triangle appear on plans with last completed step older than 90 days and next to overdue steps.")
The data list looks for the most recent COMPLETED step and checks to see if the actual date completed was >= 90 days, if so, an exclamation warning appears next to the still PENDING step. 
So the exclamation warning does not appear automatically on overdue steps.  There has to be a prior COMPLETED step that is >= 90 days before this warning will appear on the PENDING step, regardless if the steps are overdue or not.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Login to Blackbaud CRM
2.  Go to constituent record that has a "fundraiser" constituency applied
3.  Go to Fundraiser tab
4.  Go to Prospects and Plans
5.  View that last steps over 90 days old have a yellow exclamation point
6.  Notice that any "Next Step" that is overdue has no yellow exclamation point


 Blackbaud CRM

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